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Boost Media can offer your business a range of cost-effective website solutions that encapsulate the core message of your business, highlight your full range of services, and look great!

We are also proud to be a licensee of Big Boy Websites, who offer fantastic websites for businesses looking to graduate to a more powerful website for their business! Find out more about them below!

Boost Media Websites

When Boost Media builds your website, you’re not only getting a cost-effective solution that looks great, you’re also getting a website that allows you to easily make changes as you develop and grow your business!

Boost Media websites start from $997 + GST for a four-page website, with other pages and content able to be added as you require.

Any questions? Contact us today, and begin your journey to a website that YOU control!


easy editing process

A Boost Media website is so simple to edit, you can make most changes from the comfort of your office or home!

Whether you’re adding staff photos or updating your list of services, your Boost Media website is simple to navigate, and even simpler to edit!


clean & clear designs

Gone are the days of over-the-top design and overly complicated page designs!

With Boost Media, you’ll have access to a database of award-winning website templates!

Simply pick which design best suits your business and begin!


highly cost effective

As a small business, you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a website!

Boost Media is proud to offer New Zealand businesses a cost-effective web solution that gives you a great site for a great price!

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Big Boy Websites

If you’re an established local business looking to upgrade your website from a ‘small fry’ one to a ‘Big Boy’, we have the solution for you!

A Big Boy Website provides everything your new site will need, from e-commerce functionality, to SEO optimization and, above all, provide an extremely flexible payment plan.

At Boost Media, we are proud to work alongside the team at Big Boy and bring you websites that you and your business will love!


Phone 021 280 7166 today, or email to book in your free, no obligation consultation!


No money charged upfront

While other web designers charge you thousands of dollars before you even see anything, Big Boy Websites will present you with a fully functioning prototype to approve before you pay a cent!

You’ll review all aspects of your website before authorizing payment, and will have several opportunities to make changes and have the site meet your standards!


target your ideal clients

Who is your target market? How can you reach them? These are questions that businesses across the country struggle with.

Working with Big Boy Websites, we help you work out the answers and then help you put your plan into action!

Remember: if you don’t know who wants to hear your message, how can you make sure they see it?


get your site peer reviewed

Unsure what customers will think of your new website? Feeling paranoid about some of the changes you’ve made?

The Big Boy Websites process has several industry experts review your website’s prototype, and provide their expert feedback!

Their professional commentary goes a long way to helping your site reach your goals and look the part!


Begin your journey to a better website that YOU control, TODAY!

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Website Extras

Website Copywriting.jpg

Boost Media are your go-to option for writing website content that appeals to and attracts your audience!

Whether you have a rough idea of what you want the website to say, or you need someone to proof your draft, Boost Media does it, and does it well!

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote!


Website Maintenance.jpg

If you can’t spend the time editing and updating the content on your website, you can hire Boost Media to do it all for you!

With Boost Media curating your site, you'll be able to refocus and spend more time on the work that matters most!

NOTE: This offer is only available to Boost Media website owners

$50 + GST (Per month)

$500 + GST (PER YEAR)

Blog Writing.jpg

Need to put out a blog post on your website? Boost Media can help!

If you're in need of someone to help generate engaging and exciting content for your website, be sure to speak with us!

Whether you need 300 words on your dedication to Health and Safety, or 3,000 words on the new product range you're about to launch, Boost Media are your go-to content writers!